Sushi Boy

Sushi Boy is a hip Japanese-inspired restaurant that provides a modern dining experience to sushi lovers. This contemporary sushi bar combines the traditional oriental food with a more Western industrial ambiance. Established last December 2015, Sushi Boy has been a hangout place for groups who want to chill and dine.

Although Japanese food is known to be expensive, Sushi Boy makes Japanese cuisine budget-friendly without sacrificing the quality nor the taste. The Sushi Boy menu includes a variety of makis, sashimi, sushi, rice bowls, and yakimono, among others and use only high-quality ingredients in creating our masterpieces.

The restaurant’s 101-square meter restaurant can sit a hundred or more diners. It takes its signature ‘container van’ as a statement piece to its essentials like the restaurant and the takeout boxes. The interior depicts Japanese art with modern ambient lighting.